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Fly In, Fly Out

October 12th, 2008

So where have I disappeared to these days?? I’ve actually rolled off my first project and started on my second project since 2nd week of September. On the 15th September I flew interstate to Adelaide and am now currently flying there every Monday morning and back every Friday evening. The novelty is wearing off now hehe. Initially I was thinking how in the world will I be able to adapt?? I’ve lived at home all my life with grandma cooking for us. Dinner was always already waiting for me whenever I returned home from work. I always had people around in the house, had people to talk to etc. Whereas going interstate meant I was just by myself…

First day I hopped into the taxi to the airport, I was tearing as I left the driveway – never been away from home by myself, let alone for that long. My assignment on this project is until April 2009! I was feeling a little home sick after I got there. But I felt very fortunate, grandma, parents, aunties, friends called to make sure I was ok. I feel a little babied but very lucky and fortunate that I had so many people who cared enough to call up to make sure I was ok. Even though one friend called just to make sure I landed in Adelaide and not some other city sweatdrop and another called a few days later to make sure I wasn’t mal-nutritioned o.O

First week I was at a serviced apartment, didnt like it too much since it was a little old, with a nice view of the prison and the shower curtain was getting to me although it was nice to have a little kitchen etc. Second week I was at Sebel Playford with a king size bed. Third week in another hotel with two single beds which kept me up at night because I was scared of rolling off the bed. And this week I was back at Sebel Playford with two queen size beds hehe )

Week 1 - on the way to airport Week 1 - Breakfree Week 2 - Playford Deluxe Room
Week 3 - Stamford Standard Room Week 4 - Playford Standard Guest Room

I’ve been literally living life out of a suitcase. I spent Saturday washing my shirts and ironing them, today will be spent packing my suitcase again ready to depart tomorrow morning. I’m getting a little sick of thinking of what to buy to eat everyday for lunch and dinner… and also missing those catch up with colleagues or friends over lunch in Melbourne _ But hopefully this interstate experience proves to be a valuble experience for me )

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